STOP! Salon Owners Are You Recruiting Lazy Staff who Steal your Time and Energy and Undermine Your Business?


How to Get the RIGHT Staff Member
The First Time Round!

Do you depend on having Great Staff ....But you constantly struggle to find and select Good Employees…

Then Please Read This Report NOW…

You’ll discover that there are many myths floating around when it comes to selecting Dedicated Staff, and I am going to expose them in this report, and show you a fool proof method to hire Great Employees.

If You Are A Salon Owner Do You Want

  • To create wealth with your business?

  • To hire staff who will assist you create wealth?

  • To enjoy the wealth creation journey along the way?

When Managing Do You Want

  • Staff that do what they are told to do without all the moaning and negativity?

  • Staff that do what they are told to do without all the moaning and negativity?

  • Staff who strive for business goals and who constantly look for ways to improve the processes.

So how are you going?

  • Are you tired of having to CONTINUALLY prompt your staff to make them sell to and rebook clients?

  • Are you tired of staff ONLY doing their work properly when you are AROUND?

  • Are you concerned your staff might be STEALING from you?

  • Are you concerned your staff might be planning to TAKE your clients and start their own business?

  • Are you DRAINED and BURNT out because you seem to be consistently chasing the staff up to do what they should be doing?

  • Do you have that one staff member that is good at their work but has a TOXIC ATTITUDE?

If you said yes to any of these questions then help is at hand, all you have to do is read on...

David Osborne for Profitable Personnel

From the Desk of David Osborne,
Leading Selection Specialist and Creator of Profitable Personnel

Dear Friend,

What I am going to do in this report is to firstly look at the Problem of Poor recruiting. After this I will give you the secrets how to eliminate the risk of hiring a dud employee. But before any of this here my story and why you might want to listen to me.

School of Excellence Provides Selection Secrets

When I was 18 I joined the British Army and as a part of my role I was a full time athlete in the Modern Penthalon School of Excellence, it was here that I observed BRILLIANT talent blow their chances of Olympic Gold by poor personal behaviour.

A Poor Attitude is Simple A Collection Behaviours That Are Not Building Your Business.

Please tick either yes or no to see if you have the bad attitude disease in your team.

Are all your staff:



1. Positive and happy?



2. Open and supportive to your ideas?



3. Nurturing teamwork and team morale?



4. Nurturing clients so they become raving fans of your business?



5. Ensuring sick leave is only taken when truly sick?/td>



6. Punctual?



7. Professionally presented and well groomed?



8. Diplomatic and tactful?



9. Ensuring their work station is well presented?



10. Trustworthy and loyal?



Why Do I Ask These Questions – If you have the bad attitude disease in your team, like any disease it will spread and affect the rest of your staff, THEN your client’s.

Elite Athletes Can Help Salon Owners

I left the Army to emigrate to Australia a goal of mine since 11 years old. Here I coached elite athletics and became known for being able to take a novice squad of athletes from nowhere to the best team in the state of Western Australia in Six Months. There were some great lessons for me here:

LESSON ONE: The family situation and the parents are a BIG influence on the success of any individual. Even a novice can be a champion in a very short space of time with loving and supportive parents.

LESSON TWO: There are 14 key areas you need to assess if a new employee is going to fit and be profitable in your business, and they are:

1. Career Aspirations
2. Career Expectations
3. Career Achievements
4. Career Experiences
5. Behavioural Traits.
6. Qualifications
7. Task Preferences
8. Motivations
9. Work Environmental Preferences
10. Family Environment
11. Demographic Details
12. Employee Personal Readings
13. Work Interests
14. Personal Interests

Let’s talk about career achievement: Actions Always Speak Louder Than Words!


Always Look To Recruit People Who Have a Track Record of Success.

Example One: In 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Governor of California, and famous film star for “I’ll be back”, named Warren Buffet as his financial and economic adviser. Warren Buffet is the richest man in America, and has grown his personal investments at a compound rate of 25 per cent a year for 37 years.
Arnold Schwarzenegger, choose Warren Buffet to be his financial advisor, because of his track record, not because of any academic qualifications.

Example Two: Simon Fuller created and produced, American Idol in the United States, Pop Idol in the United Kingdom, as well as versions of the Idol series in more than seventy countries around the world.

Simon Fuller crafted and brokered the deal with David Beckhan which sees David earn $1 million per week when he moved to play in the American soccer league. Simon doesn’t have any formal qualifications in Television, Soccer, Sound Recording, Entertainment or Management.

"The world does not pay for what a person knows. But it pays for what a person does with what he knows"

Laurence Lee

The Right Person For The Right Position!

"I found the Profitable Personnel recruitment process very thorough, and one that not only ensured that the right applicant was chosen, but one that gave the applicant confidence that they were the right person for the prospective position."

John Symington,
Assistant Centre Manager, Cockburn Gateway Shopping City
Jones Lang LaSalle

The Most Professional Recruitment Process I've Encountered in 20 Years!

"Profitable Personnel's intelligently structured candidate selection and qualification process is the most professional and effective recruitment service that I have encountered during my 20+ years in the property industry.

Profitable Personnel challenged, motivated and even re-educated me and I found the process to be an enormously positive and productive learning experience. I would thoroughly recommend Profitable Personnel to any organisation that wants to find the best and most suitable candidate and I will certainly be calling David next time I need to find staff."

Mark Clark,
Commercial Manager, Central Park Management
Ph (08) 9481 8000

"Real Professionalism Second To None!

"I would like to thank Profitable Personnel for challenging myself during the recruitment process.

As an applicant I felt that I could always get in touch with David which I found very important in obtaining the perfect position suited to my experience and skillset.
Profitable Personnel's professionalism is second to none and I would recommend any company thinking of recruiting to take advantage of Profitable Personnel's successful recruitment strategies"

Graham Freeman,
Mirrabooka Shopping Centre Marketing Manager,
Jones Lang LaSalle & The Perron Group


What University Really Teaches You!

After many years of elite coaching I became a University Lecturer and it is here I learnt another important lesson.

LESSON THREE: If the employees do not have the behaviours you want in your business then training is one of the last things you should be doing to try to turn this situation around.

Get The Right Staff First Time Round. Don’t Try And Train Staff To Change Bad Behaviours.

Behavioural scientists say 88% of a person’s behaviour is locked in place by the time they are 20 years old. Yes there will be slight changes in their behaviour but you are going to have to work like a pet trainer to ensure they are constantly pulled up for the poor behaviour and rewarded for the good behaviour.

I worked as a University Lecturer for eight years delivering and organizing commercial Management and Occupational Health and Safety in the heavy industry sector and then decided to try out industry myself and here came another great lesson.

LESSON FOUR: Qualifications do not go hand in hand with the appropriate behaviours to be successful in any given job,


Star.png If you want to find the right person you need to create a POSITION PROFILE.
Star.png Recruit correctly the FIRST TIME and don’t plan to change poor behaviours,
Star.png Qualifications are NOT a reliable indicator of someone being a business builder for you.

A Bad Ending Follows A Bad Beginning

Greek Writer

Challenging Recruitment Does Identify Commitment

"Overall experience was exciting challenging and very rewarding, I have learnt a lot and enjoyed myself tremendously.

I would thoroughly use and recommend this recruitment process to the next organisation I work for, and to any other organisations in the market."

John Tu, Business Consultant


How Good Are Most SALON OWNERS At Selecting The Right Staff?

A Microsoft survey of 38000 employees in external companies around the world in 2006 suggested that 50% of employees believed they are in the wrong job and they are just biding their time until they find another job. That is 19000 people.

How productive do you think your employees will be if they think they are in the wrong job?

How good would these staff be at:

  • Selling products
  • Undertaking their tasks enthusiastically?
  • Selling services?
  • Getting things done on time and to the required quality?
  • Rebooking clients?
  • Obtaining clients from Referrals?
  • Getting on with your Team?
  • Getting on with You?

If you thought you were playing the wrong sport, how motivated would you be to play the sport and to get on with your team?...Not very! You look at a way to get out of this sport and that’s your focus of attention – JUST LIKE IN BUSINESS.

There are some fundamental things you must do If you want to hire staff who will help you build wealth.

But first let’s examine what you have probably been doing. You advertised your vacancy and then invited the applicant in for an interview. The Problem is that an Interview only has a 14% likelihood of predicting the success of an applicant.

Source: David Kolbe 2007

Time and time again I saw companies including my university put an advert in the newspaper, vet the resumes and then have a panel interview the job applicants, and time and time again TOXIC employees were hired into companies because they said the appropriate things at the appropriate time. This process is a recipe for DISASTOR.

Or in other words an interview has an 86% likelihood of supplying you the wrong candidate. Brad Smart a recruitment and selection expert suggests that 50% of all hirings are WRONG!

The chances are you have used a poor recruitment process to find and select your staff and you are now paying the price.

The Good News is that the Profitable Personnel Recruitment Process has a 96% accuracy rate in predicting if someone will be the perfect fit in your SALON.

Advertisements To Interviews Are Highly Dangerous!


  • 37% of resumes are phoney.
  • 25% of employees make up their work history.
  • 85% of University students have admitted to cheating to obtain a degree.
  • 33% of higher education qualifications especially PhD’s are false.

  • Source: Hughes, T. and Jowitt, M. (1996) ‘Managing people – recruitment, selection and induction’, McGraw Hill Australia p 88

"There is an Epidemic of Dishonest Employees, it is a corporate cancer"

L Scott Harrell
Recruitment Specialist

Brad Smart a leading selection specialist who suggests that 50% of all hirings are inappropriate says most of the poor decisions are made in the interview and these decisions have been made subconsciously within 3 minutes.

Would you buy a house after just having a 3 minute discussion with the real estate agent? No! you would want to see the actual house, in fact a selection of houses, and you would examine all the rooms, all the taps, the workmanship, the lights etc etc. And In fact a number of checks would be required by the banks to ensure the house is a sound investment and is not going to fall down around you.

Further studies support the fact that 50% of the employees also believe they are in the wrong job, and that 62% of the work force is actively disengaged from the workplace, that is they do not care about their job, and the company. That is 6 out of every 10 workers are turning up to work and are producing the bear minimum for their pay. In many cases they are costing you in time, money and energy just trying to keep them doing what they should be doing.

I'm Loving It!

You treated me like a client from day one, building me to the level of what was required.

You prepared me so well. I didn’t just get the job – I gained a new perspective on how to achieve and how to realize what I can achieve.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Lastly – I’m loving it. Jones Lang LaSalle is the most professional outfit I have ever worked for…and yes a stepping stone.

Jill Goodwin,
Marketing Manager,
Belmont Forum Shopping Center

The Consequence Of Poor Recruitment

There are hundreds of studies all pointing to the same problem. We have the wrong people in our companies and we are paying for poor unproductive staff, because we do not realise they are slowly eroding the profitability of our business.

  • A Microsoft study also found that employees admitted that they were only productive 3 out of every 5 working days, and some said they were not productive at all.
  • Up to 20 to 40% of the workforce are engaged in activities that are useless, busy but useless. Source Neville Lake 2000

How can employees be so busy but so unproductive?

Answer: When we are young we are told to get busy doing something. Have you heard this before “Don’t just stand there, do something!” Unfortunately employees have learnt to look busy but this DOES NOT means they are actually doing the right thing at the right time for the company.

How do you think your business will suffer if you have employees who look like they are busy but in fact they are doing work that is entirely useless for your company?

Consider if your employees were not only disengaged, but they did not care about your company.

  • 33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from jobs in the last three years.
  • 30% of business failures are directly related to employee theft.
    Source: (2003) ‘Public Personnel Management’ - USA Today

 This is what Steven Covey (Author of the "Seven Habits of Highly Effective People" and "The Leadership Principle", and "The Eighth Habit") says "If the Work Force was like a Soccer Team".

  • Only 4 of the 11 would know what they were meant to be doing to win.
  • Only 2 of the 11 would care what they were meant to be doing to win. .
  • 9 of the 11 would be in some way be competing against their own team.

Stop and think what one of the leading management minds is telling you. 9 out of 11 employees would be competing against their own team. Again I hear you say this can’t be true.

Extremely Thorough!

"The recruitment process I underwent for the Executive Assistant position with the Perron Group was extremely thorough.

It was an enjoyable experience and very reassuring in the way I am confident that I can complete all the tasks that I will be expected to perform in this new role."

Sabrina Blankley,
Executive Assistant,
The Perron Group, Western Australia.

The Shocking Cost Of Poor Recruitment

When a salon hires someone there are a number of costs and they are:
A. The Recruitment Costs
B. The Salary Costs
C. The Superannuation And Other On Costs.
D. The Administrative Costs.
E. The Training Costs
F. The Managing Costs
G. The Business Costs of someone actually doing the work inappropriately.

The wrong employee (on a salary less than $100,000) costs a salon approximately $860,000

Managerial Supervision and Business Costs

Do you REPEATEDLY have to tell staff to follow procedures?



- Does this behaviour impact your sales?
- How much money are you losing?


- Does this behaviour impact your rebooking rate?
- How much money are you losing?


- Does this behaviour impact your customer retention rates?
- How much money are you losing?


- Does this behaviour impact your ability to get new clients?
- How much money are you losing?


What Are The Business Costs Of Having Poor Staff?

How Much MONEY In SALES Might You Be Losing?

A. How many days per do your staff NOT achieve their sales targets per year?
B. How much money is NOT coming into your business due to this loss of sales?

How Much MONEY In Lost REBOOKING Might You Be Losing?

A. What is your rebooking rate?
When clients do not rebook they miss AT LEAST TWO visits per year
B. How many of your clients are NOT regularly rebooking?
C. How much does an average client spend when they visit you?

  • Times the number of clients being LOST each year by the number of times they should come in to see you.
  • Then times this number by your average client spend.


A. What is your customer retention rate?
B. What could be your customer retention rate be?
C. How much does an average client spend when they visit you?

  • Times the number of clients being LOST each year by the number of times they should come in to see you.
  • Then times this number by your average client spend.

How Much MONEY In Lost NEW CUSTOMERS Might You Be Losing?

A. Could your staff be asking clients for referrals?..............YES!
B. If your staff obtained one new client per month, how any new clients would that be per year?
C. How much does an average client spend when they visit you?

  • Times the number of NEW clients Your Staff should be getting per year by the number of times the new client should come in to see you per year.
  • Then times this number by your average client spend.
The Competitive Advantage You Can Have!

"The ability to make good decisions regarding people represents one of the last reliable sources of competitive advantage, since very few organizaitons are very good at it"

Peter Drucker, Management Expert,
Author and Lecturer

Bigger Is Not Necessarily Better!

All is not rosy in the corporate world and the impact of poor recruitment and selection processes is affecting everyone. Do you think the big banks of this world have been recruiting the right staff to ensure that we don’t have a financial meltdown…….No!  They have been some of the worst recruiters. What about the other financial institutions, how well do you think they have been recruiting their staff?

  • A corporation fails every 3 minutes...and
  • 96 percent of all companies fail within 10 years.
  • (Holmes, C (2007 )The ultimate sales Machine, the penguin group USA PXVII)

Consider poor recruitment and selection processes are not just a salon owners issue, it’s a world-wide issue that comes back to bite EVERYONE!

However this can all be avoided if you:

Step One: Decide what your salon goals are and hire people who can achieve them
Step Two: Decide what behaviours are required in your salon and hire people who have them.
Step Three: You follow a diligent selection process that finds out all you need to know about the candidate before you even set eyes on them.

Innovative Approach Is Truly An Asset
To Any Company Or Organisation!

"Right from the first point of contact with Profitable Personnel I found myself inspired & energised!

The entire experience was a journey of self-discovery.
It has given me a new & exciting perspective to not only my professional career but my life as a whole.

David's innovated approach to matching the perfect people for the perfect position is truly an asset to any company or organisation.

Many thanks to Profitable Personnel!!"

Sage Kandiah, The Property Presenters

Do You Want To Hire The Right Employee For Your Business?

Recruiting employees without training is just like doing anything without’s risky and chances are you will NOT get it right.

Remember if you invite an applicant to an interview without enough facts on the applicant, you are now at the mercy of a sweet talking manipulative articulate applicant who wows you with the right words, thus forcing you to make a risky decision.

  • 33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from jobs in the last three years.
  • 30% of business failures are directly related to employee theft.
  • Source: (2003) ‘Public Personnel Management’ - USA Today

Remember stealing is not just the loss of money it is also the loss of time. If you are paying staff to do something and they do not do it, you are PAYING for them to NOT ASSIST YOU BUILD YOUR BUSINESS AND YOUR DEPARTMENT, they are in fact stealing your time and money.

The Ultimate Recruitment & Total Employment Solution

"This testimonial is to highly recommend Profitable Personnel as the ultimate recruitment and total employment solution. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending David Osborne and his company to an individual, small business or multinational company for the delivery of Profitable Personnel."

Bethanie Melis,
Office Administration Manager,
Jones Lang LaSalle (WA) Pty Limited


This could save YOU

  • Time
  • Money
  • stress
  • Energy
  • Retain your staff
  • Retain your customers
  • Build your business
  • Give you a business advantage over salons who do not know how to select good staff.

You can now be coached so you do not have to put up with THE PAIN, STRESS, and TOXICITY of a DUD Business Damaging employee.


What if you had all the forms you needed to hire a great employee all together into one package, a done for you, no high brow thinking, simple guide to hiring great staff?

I have put all the EASY TO USE forms into a SIMPLE system that you can EASILY FOLLOW! And Get Brilliant result!

You can now have all these forms, for the FRACTION of the cost of putting up with THE PAIN, STRESS, and TOXICITY of a DUD Business Damaging employee.

Salon Owner's Recruitment Program

Profitable Personnel Pack

The Step By Step Salon Owners Recruitment Manual
Which includes:

•           The Advertisements ready for you to use.
•           The Interviewing form ready to use.
•           The Reference checking forms ready use.
•           The Letter of Offer just put your details in and use.
•           The Position Description ready to use
•           The Employee Contract, just put your details in and its ready to use.

This program will tell you:

  • The 6 Simple Ways To DOUBLE The Number Of Suitable Applicants Applying For Your Position.
  • How To Actually Get Unsuitable Applicants To Disqualify Themselves

Saving You Hours Of Inter-view Time.

  • How To Eliminate Having Staff Who Are Constantly Late Or Are Serial “Sickie” Takers

Saving You The Stress And Extra Cost of Having To Find A Stand In

  • How To Stop Hiring Staff Who Are Aren’t Capable Of Doing Their Work Properly .

Saving You The Cost Of The Rework, And All The Time Spent Training Trying To Teach Them The Standards You Want And The Processes You Want Undertaken.

  • How To Eliminate Having Staff You Continually Have To Supervise and Motivate To Do The Work They're Paid For

Saving You Becoming Angry, Stressed And Worrying About All The Business That Is Being Lost Because The Employees Simple Don’t Care.


  • How To Dramatically Reduce The Potential Of Staff Stealing From You Saving You The Worry of Thinking “Am I Going To Be One Of The 30% Of Businesses That Fail Each Year Due To Employee Theft?”
  • How To Guarantee You Never Hire A Rude Staff Member Ever Again, - Ensuring You Don’t Have To Worry Over Staff Saying The “Wrong Thing' To Prospects and Customers Effectively Losing You Thousands of Dollars in Sales.
  • How To Never Have Staff Who Watch The Clock And Are All Packed Up And Ready To Leave At Closing Time - Saving You Becoming Angry, Stressed And Worrying About All The Business That Is Being Lost Because The Employee Is Getting READY To Go And Does Not Really Care About Serving Your Customers.
  • How To Automate Your Selection Process So You Only Ever Meet The Best Of The Qualified Applicants.

Saving You All The Time And Energy, And Taking The Guess Work Out Of The Selection Process.

  • The 4 Golden Rules To Ensure Appli-cants References Are 100% Accurate And Not Full Of 'Embellishments'

Saving You From The Skilled Infiltrator Who Doesn’t Know They Are Not Suitable For Your Position And Is Going To Use Every RESOURCE At Their Disposal To Get Onto Your Payroll And Stay There Until You Realise You Made A Mistake!

  • The 2 Crucial Questioning Techniques To Use In An inter-view To Tell You If The Applicant Is PERFECT For The Role In Your Business.


One Years Worth of Phone Coaching • Your hand will be held through the process. • This is a STRESS FREE recruitment process $2500
Unlimited E-mail assistance • If you have a question it will be answered within 48 hours guaranteed. $500
Three Free On Line Assessments • The most sophisticated assessment of any new candidate. $450
Total Value of this Program $4150
For the First 50 Applicants $697
Saving $3453
Over Ninety Applicants

Over Ninety applicants applied for Ann Lockhart vacant position

After the applicants were filtered down through the Profitable Personnel Recruitment Process (Salon Owner’s Recruitment System)

Listen to what Ann says about the candidate that was sent to her to interview.

Ann Lockhart, Advanced Laser Clinic, Queensland
How To Get A Flood of Applicants

By changing the way I normally would write the ad to the way you set out I managed to attract at least 10 apprentice applicants and have hired one apprentice who I am very happy with. Usually through Seek I would attract 1 or 2. Your way of writing the ad also made me think about what I was offering them as a career and what my responsibility to them is

Jane Markac

Salon Owner

Clifton Mews
403 Brunswick Street
Clifton Hill, Vic, 3068
ph: +61 3 9489 7045
m: +61 403 819 504
Oxhey and Bushey Hair and Beauty
403 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
ph: +61 3 94192100
m: +61 403 819 504
Every Salon Owner Should Get This Manual.

Having my salon for 10 years now I know a little about a lot of things in small business but this manual has given me a clear direction on how and what I should be doing - as I really have not had that much human resource experience - prior to having my salon despite having 10 staff!!

Employing great staff Down to the advert and selection criteria Determining whether your existing staff meet your expections etc Everything that was being discussed

It's all included to the new "How to get the right staff manual" just released recently. Every salon owner should get this manual.

Michelle Weston
Northmead Beauty Therapy Tel: 02 9890 7444
Northmead Shopping Plaza, Campbell Street, Northmead NSW 2152
Thank God For David’s Recruitment Process!

"The Profitable Personnel Recruitment process eliminates a lot of the stress associated with hiring employees for your company. It is a logical, step by step process for recruiting the right people for the right job, every time."

Catherine Mayne,
Theatre Logistics Manager.

Why Would You Listen To Me?

 Compelling Reason 1: I have coached managers and supervisors to reduce the operating costs of their companies by many millions of dollars.
Compelling Reason 2: I have coached over 90 businesses worldwide and doubled the size of the business within 90 days.
Compelling Reason 3: I have created great systems so that companies only select profitable personnel.
 Compelling Reason 4: I have created great systems so that companies only have to manage profitable personnel.
Compelling Reason 5: I work with companies on a one to one basis, you are not just a number to me, I care about your success and about good one to one communications.

From 28 Sick Days Per Month To Zero Sick Days Per Month.

Michael Curtis, Blush Day Spa Perth

You’re Doing A Good Job David!

Listen to what Kendal says about the recruitment process

MP3 File

Would You Like Some Help?

  • Do You Want Staff Who Will Follow Your Procedures?
  • Do You Want Staff Who Will Strive For Your Business Goals
  • Do You Want Staff Who Will Be Loyal To Your Business?                 
  • Do You Want Staff Who Will Be More Productive?
  • Do You Want To Reduce Absenteeism?
  • Do You Wish To Dramatically Reduce The Use of Sick Days?
  • Do You Want Less Stress in Your Working Life?
  • Do You Want To Halve Your Training Time and Costs?
  • Do You Want To Reduce Staff Turnover?
  • Do You Want To Enjoy Your Working Life?
Nothing More Important

"Nothing our company does is more important than hiring and developing superior talent"

Larry Bossidy
Chairman and CEO AlliedSignal
100% Recruiting Guarantee

Whether you're seasoned and experienced at Interviewing Potential Employees or you're seeking to find top quality staff for the very first time. I guarantee to provide you with reliable, fast, efficient and instant information that will help you achieve excellent results, or there is no cost, it's that simple. If you follow the system as outlined manual and it does not find you a business builder who will create wealth for you, then we will refund your money in full.

In fact we are so confident with the Salon Owner’s Recruitment System that we will offer you a DOUBLE you money back guarantee. If you follow the recruitment and selection process using all the templates in the programme and you are not “over the moon” about your new employee, then we will give you double your money back

Fantastic Guidance!

"The services offered by Profitable Personnel are far superior to any I have experienced. Their strategic recruitment process ensures the best fit between employer requirements and applicant attributes. David's highly skilled in all aspects of recruitment and has provided me with extremely valuable information and skills that I have not found elsewhere."

Rebecca Porter,
Promotions Coordinator, Belmont Forum Shopping Centre

Limited Places

The whole logic behind The Salon Owner's Recruitment System is to create a systematic automated coaching program, that will allow me to leverage my strengths in other areas of my business. I have taken on clients on a one, on the one basis to refine my system.

2009 will be the final year that I will offer the templates and the coaching program on a one to one personal basis. In 2010 the coaching system will be automated allowing me to focus on building other aspects of my business.

This is why I am making this offer open to the first 50 clients. My time is limited and with 50 clients my schedule is fully booked for 2008.

To get all the FREE bonuses you must be one of the first 50 purchasers.

If you don’t take advantage of this
fabulous opportunity now nothing will change!

The next step is action.

I'm looking forward to working with you as my new valued customer and solving your recruitment and selection problems.

Warm Regards,

David Osborne

P.S. Most recruitment campaigns can cost you between $5500 and $7000 if you use a recruitment agency. If you use The Salon Owner’s Recruitment System, will save you more MONEY every time you hire an employee from NOW ON!

Using these templates will save between $5500 and $7000 on your first recruitment campaign.

P. P. S. The Salon Owner's Recruitment System will ensure you eliminate hiring a dud employee. Let's just look at what a dud employee might cost you,

  • 33% of employees admit to stealing a product or money from jobs in the last three years.
  • Business loose on average 1%-2% of gross sales
  • 30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices

"Real knowledge is to know the extent of one's ignorance."



Don’t you think getting the right employee is important?

P.P.P.S. 2008 is the last year you will have one on one coaching with me, someone who has been in the recruitment trenches obtaining great results.

Let us remember here the benefits of using a diligent selection process.

  • 30% of a manager’s time is spent dealing with conflict.
  • 67% of job applicants and resumes in the U.S. contain misrepresentations

"Wealth is the product of man’s capacity to think"

Ayn Rand, Russian Novelist


Do you think getting the right employee is important?

P.P.P.P.S. Do you want an extra $$$$$ The Salon Owner’s Recruitment System also supplies you with staff who have a track record of improving business,

The Profitable Personnel recruitment process is unique because it understands that recruitment data-bases only provide candidates, they DO NOT provide vigorous selection, and if you get it wrong it will cost you dearly.

  • American retail employees stole $10.4 billion in a one-year period
  • 79% of all negligent hiring suits and the average jury plaintiff award in employment lawsuit cases continues to be in excess of $1.6 million!

Don't be a victim start to select your new employee the right way

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For The Most Committed Compatible and Compatible Person!

"I highly recommend using the Profitable Personnel Recruitment Process If you want to find the most committed compatible and compatible person for your position role."

Angie Guzzetta,
Leasing and Administration Manager,
Central Park Tower Complex Central Park Management
Motivated Me For The Position!

"The Profitable Personnel Recruitment process really challenged me, and motivated me for the position. The process also made me aware of exactly what type of job I had applied for, and whether I was really suited to this type of role."

Terence Phenk,
Project Manager,
The Property Presenters, Perth WA
The Recruitment Journey!

"Thank you for providing such an uplifting journey! Despite all the assessments, I actually appreciated the whole recruitment experience.

It prepared me for the actual interview itself and made me recognise how I saw and should see myself.

The information received not only made an impact to the preparation for my upcoming interview but to my self-development as a whole."

Elizabeth Tang,
Marketing Manager Riverton Forum