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"Get your hands on powerful salon-only marketing strategies that work BEST if you've got very little marketing experience...


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Dear salon owner,


You're probably watching this 7-step Salon Marketing video course because you're frustrated.

And no wonder!


Most salon owners get into business because owning a business seems like it's going to offer freedom - plus they have a passion for helping people, they love the industry, and they know that they can offer truly outstanding services to clients.

Does this sound like you?


The trouble is,
the 'freedom' part of owning a salon never seems to happen.


In fact, you seem to be the one getting in to the salon first in the morning, leaving last at night, never taking holidays... and sometimes you're earning LESS than your staff!


Plus, it can be a nightmare trying to get clients in the door and spending their money with you.


You've got all your time, energy and sanity invested in your salon or spa. But the truth is, no matter how amazing you and your staff are, or how delighted your clients are, it's becoming more and more difficult to make a decent profit in the hair and beauty industry.


So what is it that makes some salons so successful...


...when you know that you're as good - or better - than them
at hairdressing or beauty therapy?


The truly successful salon owners know something you don't. But they certainly aren't any smarter than you, they didn't start out with any more money than you've got, most of them used to be in the exact same position you're in right now.


So, what do they know that you don't?


This exclusive report will detail exactly what they're doing differently to you, and how you too can improve your salon profits and personal income (not to mention stress levels!) by implementing one or two simple but powerful join-the-dots strategies.


Ask yourself these 4 questions...


  • Do you feel trapped by your salon?

  • Are your stress levels through the roof?

  • Are you earning LESS than you deserve as the owner of a business?

  • Are you worried that clients are cutting back on services, buying products from the supermarket, and DIY at home?

Y / N


Y / N


Y / N


Y / N


If you answered 'yes' to one or more of these questions,
you need to invest 10 minutes of your time to read this report,
and arm yourself with the strategies and tools to not only survive in the hair and beauty industry, but PROSPER!



Guess what...


If you said 'Yes! That's me!' to any of the questions above,

You're Not Alone

In fact, I used to feel exactly the same. And so do thousands and thousands of salon and spa owners all over the world. I know that, because I talk with them all the time, and they all say the same things.


You're about to discover the BIG SECRET that's helping literally hundreds of smart salon owners around the world get new customers fast...and double, treble or even quadruple sales to their existing clients...

"There was me carrying the whole salon for 8 years..."

"Trying to market it, trying to run it, trying to do my books, going home I couldn't sleep at night.. I was stressed!  I kept looking online and found Greg's marketing program.


One thing Greg said that I truly do believe in now - you are far far better off working on your business making more money than ever in your business.

I ran an ad and it cost me $560 to run, I believe in January we had 152 clients come through the door from that ad. I cannot believe what a Marketing Program if you follow correctly will do for you.

128 brand new clients came into my salon in January, February 97 new clients, March 92... all in all our numbers are well over $30,000 and it's only August and hopefully we'll be another $30,000 or $40,000 by the end of the year!"

Susan Woodbury, Village Image, NH USA



"struggling and not sleeping at night" to astounding success - she got an extra 152 clients in the first month of using the marketing strategies you're about to discover.

You can get the exact same ad that Susan used, in your 30 Day Trial of the Inner Circle marketing & mentoring program...

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""I did what you said and made an extra $10,000 in two weeks!"

"Hi Greg, just wanted to write and say thank you. At the Sydney conference I went up to you and asked if I need to make $10,000 in the next 2 weeks how do I do it and you instantly said memberships.

Well it took me a week and a half to send them out and tweak it to suit my business and sent the letter to only to 330 clients, and by the end of the week we had made $10,000. It's only been 3 and a half weeks since I got your strategies and the business has paid all its outstanding creditors, we can now start from a clean slate which is such a relief.

Plus, in the last 4 weeks we have EASILY doubled our retail sales thanks to your in-salon sales strategies! Can't thank you guys enough."


Sandy Mott, Lunatic Fringe, Queensland



"Don't be scared!" says salon owner Sandy Mott.
Watch this video to discover how Sandy increased her sales by $110,000 in just 10 months.

Yes, you too can get results like this. Get the exact same promotions that Sandy used,and try them obligation-free for 30 days! Keep reading...


But before I share these life-changing sales and marketing secrets with you, you're probably thinking


"Who is this guy, and why should I
take the time to listen to him?"

Great question. Let me explain...

I'm Greg Milner, the co-founder and CEO of the world's #1 salon marketing & sales go-to-for-help company Worldwide Salon Marketing.


I love helping salon owners make more money. I do this in four ways:


1) I'm regularly featured as a 'salon marketing expert' in many industry magazines that you may have in your salon - including Professional Beauty, Beauty Biz, Hair Biz, Australian Hairdressers Journal, and Instyle Magazine.


2) To date I've helped over 4,000 hair salons, beauty salons, sole operators, day spas, and medi-spas massively increase their sales and sanity with a Toolkit? of innovative marketing strategies. You'll read many of their inspirational stories on this website.


3) Over 15,861 salon owners are currently subscribed to my 'Salon Success Strategies' email newsletter, where I give up-to-date info on what's working in the industry every week.


4) I share my knowledge on salon marketing and sales with over 1,000 salon owners a year by getting up on the stage in front of hundreds of salon owners at Hair and Beauty Expos, as well as the Salon 'Road to Riches' Seminars.


Spa & Salon owners listen intently as Greg Milner reveals the myths - and truth - about what actually works in salon and spa marketing


I know how much risk, time and work you put in...


As a business owner myself, I know how much risk, work and personal time you put in - and you DESERVE success and happiness in return. Which is why I've put together a simple but powerful 'Salon Marketing Made Easy' system that you can follow.

Read on to discover...

  • How to FINALLY start earning the money you deserve - get the customers you want when you want 'em, and be the BEST salon in your area using these proven-to-work marketing strategies... 

  • An incredible opportunity for you to get the entire Inner Circle Marketing System on a full, obligation-free 30-day 'Test Drive' (pay only shipping costs)...

Don't you just hate it when...



"Just like everyone else, we were hesitant about marketing... ...until we increased our salon sales by $20,000 a month, its fantastic!"


"Just like everybody else, we were a bit hesitant about marketing. We were a little scared as to how it was going to pan out. But when we got these results we were so pleased, it was amazing. Some of our results:

  • We send out 700 'Hollywood Woman' letters, with a $127 package. We had 69 people take up the  offer, so that drastically increased our sales by $8763 for the month.
  • We also sent out an SMS, as we had a few quiet days on the next Mon, Tues and Wed. We sent out an $88 offer, and sold 14 packages from the SMS. It was fantastic (total $1232).
  • A 'Ravish Me Darling' package produced 26 sales at $147 (total $3822).
  • A microderm package was offered at $460, and we sold 7 (total of $3220).
  • We sold 23 facial packages valued at $198 (total $4554).


"Packages mean higher profit margins, as clients are coming in and having these packages, and so trying new services and converting. Retail sales have also skyrocketed, product is flying off the shelves, and clients are getting such great results. The phone just did not stop ringing."


   Total Sales       2007        2008
   August            $32,000    $52,000
   September       $33,000    $53,000
   October           $38,000    $56,000

Niki Koutrakis and Jane Dowling from Talking Beauty in Hawthorn, Victoria


Would an extra $20,000 a month interest YOU?

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The big problem that 99% of salon owners face...


One of the BIGGEST problems that salon owners face is that they don't understand which marketing strategies are a waste of money, which strategies will work, and WHY they work.

And it's no wonder you get confused and frustrated, because most of the advertising 'experts' out there know very little about creating offers that get salon clients to pick up the phone and book an appointment.

Most ad reps and graphic designers try to tell you that 'pretty' advertising works, that you need to do some 'branding'. They say stuff like


"You've got to get your salon name out there"




"You need to attract readers with some gorgeous images"


I say 'baloney'. All they're trying to do is sell you extra advertising space, more colour, bigger ads, extra printing... they aren't concerned at all with the results you get. Their only job is to ensure you spend more and more money on marketing and advertising.


If you aren't able to directly measure how many clients that piece of marketing brought you, it's money down the toilet.



"The newspaper rep wouldn't do it my way... they reluctantly agreed and I took 51 bookings at $99"


"I called you for help on Friday with an ad I was having trouble with - they wouldn't do it my way! You gave me the confidence to go back to them and say do it my way or I'm pulling the ad. Needless to say they reluctantly agreed.


Well, my phone hasn't stopped! I have 51 bookings at $99 (that's $4158) with another 9 to return calls, and another 17 messages this morning on messagebank. That is an amazing return on a $500 ad!


Recession? Bah humbug!"


Marnie Kallmeyer, Beauty Image, Wembly WA


Like to get 51 bookings from one ad? YOU CAN.
Trial the Inner Circle salon marketing & mentoring system and get access to all the proven-to-work ads for a full 30 days! Click here to apply


What you REALLY need is a revolution in marketing for small businesses - and it's called

Emotional Direct Response Marketing

Write that down if you need to, because it's going to change your life and your income forever.

Emotional direct response marketing is exactly that - emotion driven strategies and promotions that get clients to respond to you immediately (by picking up the phone or walking in) so you can measure the response.


Imagine that!


When I discovered this style of marketing it all became so obvious...marketing for small business had nothing to do with 'branding' or 'image' or lovely 'graphics', or even customer service...that's what happens after your marketing's worked and brought the customer in.

The most successful salons understand that
great marketing has nothing to do with images or discounting...

It has everything to do with:



"I've now realised the discounting I used to do was wrong..."


"We have been able to embrace your 'packaging of services' strategies. Thanks to this we have seen our sales go up dramatically, in Jan and Feb this year our average client spend went from $126 (same months last year) to $153 this year. That's a $27 increase per client, and that's without a price rise. This change is purely from the packaging of services we did for Valentines Day etc using your done-for-you templates.

This increase in average client spend means about an extra $11,000 - $12,000 per month for Blush Day Spa.

I've now realised that the discounting I used to do is WRONG.

I have worked with other marketing companies and my day spa has never before experienced sales increases like this! I would conservatively contribute an extra $250,000 in sales in the next 12 months to these experts."


Michael Curtis, Blush Day Spa, Perth Western Australia


Want to STOP discounting and make more money? You too can create irresistable non-discounting offers when you join the Inner Circle system on 30 Day Trial,
click here for more information on the Inner Circle 'Test Drive'

"We've raised our services and brought in over 200 clients - EXCELLENT!"


"I own a full circle salon with cosmetics, beauty supplies and hair. It's been great!

I have implemented the marketing that you have in the Inner Circle system, we're doing the referral program, $10 off program, thank you cards, birthday cards. We've raised our services form $118 to $190 and we brought in over 200 new clients since July 2008.

Makes me feel great! It's been keeping my girls busy. Excellent!"

Tamara Schultz Snyder owner of Merle Norman, CA - USA


Need more clients NOW? Get them in 14 days or less with the same ready-to-use templates that Tamara used in the Inner Circle System. Click here to apply...

Perhaps you can relate to this REAL salon owner story
about the frustration of wasted money...


"We tried what we THOUGHT would work to get people in the door... we started adding more equipment and services thinking that was what was needed... it was a huge waste of money, money we didn't have to waste"

"Hi Greg, I will give you a fairly detailed account of what we've been going through and where we are today.

We opened our office as a chiropractic office primarily, but we also purchased an Endermologie machine to create an income stream that was not insurance dependent. We prepared ourselves for the flood of new patients/clients... NO FLOOD!

We continued trying what we "thought" would work to get people in the door, which basically came down to brand type advertising. As you know, that was a HUGE waste of money, money we really didn't have to waste. We started adding more equipment and more services thinking that that was what we needed to get things rolling. We would see little increases in our sales numbers, but not enough to offset the increase in overhead because of the new equipment purchase.

So with a brand new office space, a great retail center, tremendous walk by traffic and loads of fantastic equipment for cellulite, hair removal, photofacials and skin resurfacing we were ready for the flood...NO FLOOD!


You could hear crickets chirping in our office (literally).

To use a poker expression, we were "All In", failure was not an option but it was starting to look like a very real possibility.

Fortunately, my wife found you and your company through your website, just by searching for marketing companies. We first signed up for the 30 day trial period, but quickly changed our minds once we realized the Inner Circle Toolkit had such an awesome guarantee. We had already wasted a lot of money on stuff that didn't work and we quite honestly didn't have the money to waste. We spoke to a few other Inner Circle members and liked what they had to say, so we jumped on board, and are we THRILLED that we did! We started using some of the ideas in the Tool Kit in mid August.

We are now near the last week of November and we will literally TRIPLE our business by the end of the month.

Things are going so well, that we just hired two estheticians. We started with one, did a promotion like get $330 of beauty treatments for $99 (lots of value added services) and the response was so great we were immediately looking for the second esthetician. Having the estheticians is also helping us to 'get off the tools' as you say and focus on the marketing of the business. Business is probably the key word; I spent eight years going to school to become a doctor and I graduated at the top of my class.

Unfortunately, they don't teach you how to be a successful business owner.

You guys deliver!!! That is what we appreciate the most about your company and even your personal responses to our emails. You run your company just like you tell your members to run their businesses, that speaks volumes.

When we get soliciting calls from other companies pitching us their marketing ideas or web design services, we always ask them the same question...Do you guarantee your results? They usually hang up without saying another word.

So thank you Greg, for all your help! Feel free to use this email as a testimonial, we now know how powerful testimonials are. We look forward to our future and our continued relationship with Worldwide Salon Marketing and we hope to meet you and your team in person someday in Australia!

As you say, it's not any one thing that gets a lot of clients in the door, it is a lot of little things that will get a lot of clients in the door. So, I will bring this letter to a close and I am going to start working on our next promotion for the holidays.

With lots of gratitude,

Dr. Tim and Kanna Reilly
Body Solutions Laser and Skin, Arizona


P.S. A couple of specific promotion details: we ran an in house promotion for IPL photofacial treatments. We spent about $300 dollars printing up letters that we created with your help, we booked just under $9000 in treatments.

The $330 worth of beauty treatments for $99 (we marketed as the J. Lo Glow Package) we marketed to existing clients with an in office flyer and email campaign only for a total cost of about $20 for printing and we've already generated about $2500 in the first 2 1/2 weeks!

And just a note - since writing this email Tim and Kanna have increased their business from $7,000 a month to over $70,000 a month in sales - that's a whopping 1000% increase in business all thanks to Emotional Direct Response Marketing.


The ONE Marketing Strategy That Will TRIPLE
The Response of Any Marketing Piece


It's a mystery to me why so many salon owners (even some Inner Circle members, who should know better) just do NOT get one of the simplest, easy-to-implement salon & spa marketing strategies I have ever taught.

Well, from Jemima Richards of Sync Detoxify Nourish Regenerate provides yet more proof - if any more were needed - that this strategy DOES work, works brilliantly, and all you have to do is implement it.

Says Jemima:

"Had to just let you know that we have been laughing a lot around here because I am an idiot! The reason for the laughter is the amount of return we are getting (using your strategy) and how many more bookings we are getting from the 2nd and 3rd letter.

"You always said it, and it's not that I didn't believe you - if only I had been doing this all along!"

What Jemima is talking about is the proven direct mail strategy of a linked series of letters to a list of customers or qualified prospects. Most businesses send one letter, and no matter what response they get, presume the rest are simply not interested, and give up.

It is a fatal marketing mistake. You leave untold amounts of money uncollected, sitting on the table.

Hear this: if you are tempted to do a one-shot mailing and stop there, save your money. They don't even feel the breeze.

As Jemima says - and we have proven over and over and over again - you'll often get a BIGGER response off letters #2 and #3 than you will off the first letter.

It is precisely why the Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit (included in the Inner Circle system) is FULL of these linked, sequential letters, for a multitude of purposes and events, e.g.,

"Oh, I couldn't do that, my clients would think I'm pestering them"

No, they won't. Here's the truth: clients leave you because of neglect, not because you're sending them nice letters.

"Your Raise the Dead campaign brought in 125 clients... my team finally started to come on board whereas in the past they have been doubtful"


"Greg, I certainly appreciate the opportunity to give back to the hairdressing community and many thanks to (Worldwide Salon Marketing) for what I see as breaking new ground.

I, like many others, have been a bit slow getting all of the ideas off the ground but the ideas that I have received from the Toolkit as well as from my Worldwide Salon Marketing coach Annette have worked for me quite nicely.


Our facial and massage special worked brilliantly, as well as our ?Raise the Dead? campaign having resulted in 125 returned clients.


When my team saw the results they started to come on board whereas in the past they were very doubtful. That has changed for the better and now I am getting much more enthusiasm and cooperation."


Bruce and Beth Fisher, Fisher Experience, Massachusetts USA


Will the Raise the Dead letters work for you? Click here to apply for a 30 Day Trial of the Inner Circle system, and prove these ready-to-use strategies will work for you BEFORE you pay...

NOTE: you do NOT have to re-invent the wheel, slave over a hot computer, struggle with what to write - it's ALL in the Essential Salon Owner's Marketing Toolkit - and you can trial the entire system obligation free at the bottom of this page by completing the application survey. You will not be asked for any credit card details at this stage.



Get Started NOW
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"But I don't have the time for marketing"

That's the common cry amongst salon owners.


When I first discovered emotional direct response marketing, it happened that at the time I was dating the owner of a small salon in my home town. This business owner had bought one of those 'generic' marketing packages, full of great 'how-to' information. But there was one problem this salon owner had with it. She said:


"Greg, I don't want to know how to do it.
I don't have time to learn the theory! I don't have the
 writing skills, or the computer skills either....

I just want it done for me!"


Disgruntled Salon Owner, Perth


So I began by re-writing her Yellow Pages ad, making just ONE small change to her old ad. That one small change produced a whopping 30% increase in response immediately!


Then I started writing a series of letters she could send to her clients. Mothers Day letters, Change of Season letters, New Client Letters, letters to get old clients back, Valentines Day letters, Newsletters, and so on...


I created ads for her salon...ads that were nothing like anything she had ever seen before in the beauty business...at first she was nervous, anxious about. What would her friends and colleagues think?


But these ads worked. One particular ad is still running today...and still regularly pulling a two to one return on investment, week after week!


BUT... she still needed a complete system that would automate all this hard work.

So I began putting together everything I had learned, plus everything I had developed for this salon owner...then began writing and adding more and more sales letters, ads, flyers and so on.

Then I brought in some outside help. I found one of the best sales people I know, Jill Groves, and asked her to put together a Manual, a salon-specific sales manual so staff could sell treatments and products without them even realizing they were doing it!

You shouldn't use ANY marketing
 that hasn't been proven to work

Since I first wrote that marketing material for a salon owner, over 4000 hair and beauty salons have successfully used the promotions I created.


The original Essential Salon Owners Marketing Toolkit I wrote has been improved with over 200 NEW ads, flyers, sales letters, scripts, vouchers and promotions (each one has been proven to work by REAL salon owners.)


You should never risk your time and money on strategies that haven't been used in the real world, to bring in real clients for real salon owners.


You've probably looked at other websites for salon marketing companies.None of them comes anywhere close to having the same amount of REAL stories and reviews that this one has. I'm not trying to brag - I'm incredibly proud of our thousands of salon owner members.

Our Worldwide Salon Marketing Inner Circle members are always delighted to share their results and their specific promotions... not only with me but with the hundreds of other Inner Circle members all over the world.


Isn't it time you got your hands on the same strategies and promotions that these salon owners are using...


...and trial them free of charge in your salon to PROVE that they will work for you?

Keep reading to find out how you can get the entire Inner Circle, including the Toolkit, on 30 Day Trial, paying only shipping.

Finally, after more than 12 months, I had a system, a purpose-built 'business-in-a-box' marketing system designed and written just for hair salon, beauty salon and spa owners...


If you want to get more clients, spending more money with you than you've ever dreamed of... it's time you joined


The Worldwide Salon Marketing
 & Mentoring System


It explains the entire Inner Circle system



We ask real salon owners just like you...

What impact has the Inner Circle system had on your life?

Watch this video to hear 9 different hair and beauty salon owners - from sole operators to award-winning day spas - explain to you the situation they used to be in, and how the system has changed their income and their lifestyle...



If you want to get started NOW and apply for an incredible, obligation-free 30 Day Test Drive of the entire Inner Circle Marketing & Mentoring System for Salon Owners, go to the bottom of the page NOW and fill out the application survey.

If you want to know more about exactly what's in the Inner Circle System, keep reading...


Inner Circle Membership Is...

There's no secret or mystery to making money in business. It's a formula. But, like all formulas, if you don't follow it properly it won't work. That's why we've made it incredibly easy for you to follow the simple but powerful Inner Circle system...


Marketing Manual =

Easy Clients and Profits, When You Want Them



Get a steady stream of new clients, and hugely increase your client spend with hundreds of ready-to use templates on CD and strategy plans. Proven-to-work Newspaper Ads, Yellow Pages, Mailbox Flyers, Salon Posters, SMS and so much more.


This 'Salon Marketing Made Easy' manual and templates CD contains marketing material that's created in Microsoft Word, ready for you to simply type your salon name and hit 'print'.


This is just a taste of the tested-and-proven strategies you'll find in the manual - just ONE of the hundreds of ads is worth more to you than the cost of the entire system:


  • The Newspaper Ad that Pulled 30 New Clients

  • The Laser Clinic Ad that made $25,000 in sales

  • The Newspaper Ad with a total revenue of $27,000

  • The Membership Letter that Made $62,000 in a matter of weeks

  • The Yellow Pages Ad Worth $100,000 Extra Business in 1 Year

  • The Certificate You Can Use to Get 98 New Clients in 12 Hours

  • The Mothers Day Postcard that Made $4929

  • The Christmas Flyer that Pulled $11,800

  • The Value-Ad Flyer that Brought 60 New Clients for a New Salon

  • The 'New Stylist' Campaign That Brought in 84 Bookings


PLUS letters, flyers, ads, brochures and other templates for all the most important marketing campaigns:


  • Mothers Day

  • Christmas

  • New Mover Sales Letter

  • New Client series of letters

  • Lost client series of letters

  • Change of Season

  • Business of the Week

  • Joint Promotions

  • Yellow Pages

  • Newspaper Ads

  • Mailbox Flyers

  • Valentines Day

  • New Salon promotions

  • New Stylist or New Therapist promotions

  • Back to School

  • and so much more...

Sales Manual = Double Your Product Sales Overnight


If you want zero-cost strategies that can literally double your product sales overnight, you'll love the Selling Like Crazy manual by sales extraordinaire Jill Groves.


Get all your staff - even the ones who think 'selling' is a dirty word - selling like crazy using these fun scripts and tactics. I hope you've got a lot of product in stock because it's going to fly out the door in no time!


Just a few of the chapters in this manual include:


Staff training Made Easy - Create the 'wow' factor with these successful scripts that guarantee maximum sales from every client


Up-selling On the Phone - the little-known but oh-so-simple way to ask your clients for more when they call, PLUS how to use your answering machine to make sales for you!


Queen of Referrals - the immensely popular referral system new to the beauty and hair industry, turn this powerhouse system on every time you want high quality new clients in the salon


Staff Incentives - tested and proven staff incentive plans that have been tested and developed by salons around the world


Walk-Ins - the quick and easy way to STOP walk-ins simply walking back out again, and turn them into enthusiastic, profitable long-term clients


"We have tripled our product sales in 12 months, from $9,667 to $31,847!

"Just working with every individual client, using Jill's selling like crazy techniques to recommend products has made all the difference. And there were no issues, it wasn't difficult at all! It just goes to show apply a lot of action and amazing things will happen" shares Inner Circle member

Ann Stone of Galleria Hairdressing in Port Macquarie


Coaching = Amazing Support and Motivation


We hold your hand at every step of the way - you're never on your own.


As a privileged Inner Circle member, you're entitled to receive a 30 minute phone coaching call every month on the phone, where you will get all the guidance you need to reach your goals.


Why is coaching incredibly valuable?

  • We help you plan the steps you need to take to reach your goals

  • We analyse your results and help you increase profits

  • We give you great motivation for your 'down' times, we know that these can be the most important times that a coach can get you back on track

  • We share NEW marketing and sales strategies with you, and assist you with the templates in the manuals

  • We critique your marketing so you aren't wasting money

  • We help you to 'step back' and take a better look at your business


"My salon plodded along for years with no money- since my first coaching call I've taken $25,000 and we haven't actually marketed to all of our clients yet so I'm looking forward to some pretty exciting news"

Karen Golden, Ladyworks, Victoria - Australia


Proven Strategies = No Thinking Required


Get MAXIMUM results with minimum stress - every strategy you receive has been proven to work by other salon owners, so you NEVER waste $$$


Throw away your calendar - every month you'll receive an email with ready-to-use promotions - we help you stay on track with your marketing so you don't miss any money-making opportunity


Join a worldwide group of positive, smart salon owners - you'll get instant access to cutting-edge strategies that work from this caring community, ready for you to easily download from the exclusive 'membership website'


"I had no idea how much help I would receive by joining the Inner Circle. I knew it was the right step and appropriate for me but I've just been so blown away by the support. Everyone's so responsive and helpful- it's like you're my business gods! I don't believe I shall ever have a problem again. Again, thanks so much." says Inner Circle member Lesley Morgan-Wesson, Owner of LADY AT BAY Beauty Salon, Neutral Bay

Network & Support = You're Never On Your Own



Our Inner Circle members love working with other like-minded salon owners and business experts. Every single month you'll receive:


  • Monthly 'Ask the Expert' Group Coaching Calls, listen in and ask questions of other successful members and experts, also recorded so you can listen in even if you can't make the call time

  • Monthly newsletters delivered to your door, full of stories, articles, and salon marketing examples

  • CD of the Month, delivered to you so you can hear what others are doing with great success! Many members like to listen to these in their car when they have the time... because the salon and home are so busy

  • Access to the 'sealed section' of the membership Website, this site is available only to Inner Circle members, and contains hundreds of marketing and sales campaigns we simply couldn't find in the manuals, all searchable and updated regularly with new material



There's a few extra's that are included in the Inner Circle system, that I know you'll love:


FREE Staff Finder Service, valued at $297

FREE Online Salon Web-page, valued at $497

FREE Critique Certificates, valued at $800

FREE Fast-start CD and DVD Tutorials, valued at $1270


I've had the entire system valued by an accountant, and all these tools, systems and ongoing support equal


(but you don't pay anything near that)


If I came in to your salon to write you hundreds of ads, scripts and systems, I'd charge over $100,000 to do it. BUT because I've been able to template everything so that ANY salon owner can very, very simply insert their contact details into these proven ads, I've been able to get the price right down for you.


Imagine... looking through your appointment book for the next 3 weeks and seeing it completely full of high-priced bookings, with a long waiting list of customers desperate to take any appointment that becomes free!

Imagine... Having to double or even triple your product orders to keep up with the demand, because you and your staff are so confidant at promoting product that it's literally flying off the shelf at full price - and your customers wouldn't dare touch supermarket brands!

Imagine... being able to take the time to go away somewhere luxurious on a real holiday for a few weeks - and this time you can actually relax and unwind, because you know the salon's still running smoothly and making great profits while you're away - thanks to the no-fail automated systems you've got in place!


Right now you're probably thinking, okay Greg, sounds good but how do I know it will work for me?


You can trial the entire Inner Circle System
for 30 days obligation-free
and PROVE without doubt it works...
or you don't pay a cent (except $97 shipping)


But there is a catch...


Due to the incredible support we provide to Inner Circle members, we can only take on 12 trial members a month. You must be quick...

If you're sick and tired of the struggle of making a living, let alone a profit from your salon, and you're ready to join the Inner Circle, first you have to fill out the survey below to see if you're suitable.

You see, we don't take on everybody that applies. You have to prove to me that you're ready to take action, that you're serious and PASSIONATE about achieving success.

The reason that there are so many unsuccessful or mediocre beauty and hair salons is because there are so many salon owners who claim to want success, but aren't willing to do anything to achieve it. These people will always be unsuccessful and happy.

People who are ready to take action are the ones who achieve their dreams.

Are you ready?

To apply for a 30 Day Trial,
fill out the Inner Circle survey below


How Much??


"Okay Greg, cut the c**p...just tell me how much Gold Inner Circle membership is if I want to stay on beyond my 30-day Test Drive!"


Fair enough. This is everything you get:

  1. Marketing Made Easy manual including hundreds of templates, valued at $6897

  2. Selling Like Crazy manual with ready-to-use scripts, valued at $4897

  3. Monthly Coaching Calls, valued at $4800

  4. CD of the Month, valued at $960

  5. Access to the Membership Website, valued at $1000

  6. Group Coaching Calls + recordings, valued at $2964

  7. Inner Circle newsletter, valued at $240

  8. Staff Finder Service, valued at $297

  9. Online Salon Web-Page, valued at $497

  10. Critique Certificates, valued at $800

  11. Fast-start CD and DVD Tutorials, valued at $800


Your Inner Circle Marketing & Mentoring Membership is paid on an enrollment deposit of $889, followed by 48 easy weekly payments of $189.


Shipping of the entire Inner Circle system anywhere in the world is $97.



48 easy weekly payments of $189 (that's like the cost of a cut and colour or deluxe facial!)


(This system is NOT for those who are in hairdressing or beauty therapy for a hobby. This is for serious business people who want to increase the value of their salon, make more money, and enjoy a profitable and stress-free business.)



PLUS - I back it with my DOUBLE Guarantee:


I'll put my money where my mouth is. (IF YOU QUALIFY) Use the entire System, including one-on-one coaching for the first 30-days FREE. Any time up to 30 days, send it back in re-saleable condition and it's cost you nothing more than shipping.




keep the entire System for up to THREE MONTHS. If you're not completely satisfied that the System has helped you increase sales by at least 20% in that time, just send it back and you pay nothing more than your first two installments!


(Try getting a Business Coach to give you that sort of guarantee!)


Now, let's look at some value here...


Take the example of Sonya Moore's testimonial ...


"75% Response...!"


"Just using the series of New Client letters we get a re-booking rate of 75% - that is just unheard of. And when you think that each regular client is worth maybe $2,000 a year or more...these marketing tools are GOLD for us...."

Sonya Moore, The Beauty Bar, Frankston South, Victoria


Let's say that Sonya ONLY sent the New Client Letters to 16 new clients. (And of course, she would be very, very silly to do that, wouldn't she, if they're working so darned well!)
At a re-booking rate of 75%, that's TWELVE first-time clients who have decided to keep coming back for more.


Even if each of these 12 new clients ONLY EVER re-booked for treatments worth $50 a piece, that's $600 in sales Sonya never would have made!


Heck, imagine if just that series of sales letters helped you to gain...oh, let's say just FIVE new, regular clients every month. And each new client was worth just $500 to you over a full year.


Mmmm... 5 X 12 months = 60 new clients in a year.
60 new clients @ $500 = $30,000!!! in a full year!


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: "What kind of salon or spa should join the Gold Inner Circle Membership Program?"

A: If you are already rich beyond your wildest dreams, have neither the desire nor use for any more money, have more time on your hands than you know what to do with, then the Inner Circle is not for you. If, however, you want more profits in your bank account, want that luxury car, want to able to take time off with your family when it suits you - not your business, or your staff - then the Inner Circle will help you get that. And of course, if you qualify for the FREE 30-day Test Drive, you'll begin to see results immediately.


Q: "If I join, will I get obscenely rich overnight?"

A: No. But you will be able to put more money in your bank account in 7 days OR LESS. There are tools in the System that you can implement literally right away, and see them make money for you. Other tools, such as the direct mail letters, flyers etc, might take you a few days to get out. And like any system, the tools have to be used to be effective. It won't suddenly leap off your bookshelf of its own accord and gang-tackle prospects as they walk by your shop, dragging them through the door and pillaging their wallets for you. You will only need to implement a tiny fraction of the tools in the System to begin seeing results immediately.


Q: "How much work will I have to do to make it work for me?"

A: How long is a piece of string? ANY tool in the System will instantly make you more money. What you won't have to do any more is write your own letters, flyers or ads. They're all done for you. If you qualify for the 30-day FREE Test Drive, you'll be able to simply insert the Templates CD that comes with the System, insert your name and salon details, and click 'print' - BINGO, your first mailing is done for you!


Q: "What if I join for the 30-day Test Drive and decide I don't want it?"

A: Simple... from the day you receive it (the physical components of the System will be delivered to your door in a big box), you have 30 days in which to trial Inner Circle membership and the full Marketing & Sales Training Kit. Any time up to 30 days you decide it's not for you, send it back and you won't be charged anything. If you don't send it back to us within the 30-day trial period, we'll bill you your first month's Membership and Subscription payment.


Q: "What if I stay on after 30 days, and then decide I don't want it after all?"

A: That's easy. Keep using your Membership, coaching and complete System for up to 90 days - IF YOU HAVEN'T INCREASED YOUR SALES BY at least 20%, JUST SEND IT BACK TO US in re-saleable condition, and you pay no more than your first two months Membership and Subscription fees! 


Q: "What are my on-going commitments?"

A:If we keep you on as an Inner Circle member after your 30-day Test Drive, you pay an enrollment deposit of $889, followed by 48 easy weekly payments of $189.

This continues until you tell us "Stop! I've made too much money, don't give me any more!" CAUTION: Once you resign from the program, you can never re-join.


Q:"My customers are different, my area is a poor one, will it work for me here?"

A: Yes. In fact, Members around the world report that it actually works better in poorer areas. These sales letters, flyers and ads, as well as the brilliant in-salon sales training program, has been proven to work in ALL areas, ALL circumstances.


Q:"What about support, do I get any?"

A: Of course. As part of your Inner Circle Membership, you get LIVE one-on-one coaching sessions, on the phone every month. You can use these sessions to discuss any marketing or sales issue. Plus, prior to the call, you can and should email in any marketing material you wish to discuss during the call.


How to Get Your
30-day Free 'Test Drive'

(First of all - if you haven't yet watched this video, do it now...)


What should salon owners interested in the 30 Day Trial of the Inner Circle system know before they complete the survey?


Watch this video to hear 9 different hair and beauty salon owners - from sole operators to award-winning day spas - explain to you the situation they used to be in, how the system has changed their income and their lifestyle...


... and most importantly what they have to say to salon owners who are thinking about joining the Inner Circle system.



Now follow these 4 simple steps to apply for
YOUR obligation-free Trial of the Inner Circle System



Continue down the page and complete the quick online Pre-Application Survey and Questionnaire. You will not be asked for any credit card details at this stage.





Expect a phone call soon after your survey has been submitted.

WARNING: Each month we receive upwards of 100 Thirty-Day Test Drive applications, and take on no more than 12 of them. Within 48 hours of submitting your application you WILL receive a phone call from one of our representatives. If you can't/don't take the call, or you don't return the message within 24 hours, your application will be placed at the bottom of the queue.




If your application is successful, you will then be able to initiate your 30-day Test Drive with a credit card payment of just $97 to cover Packaging, Shipping and Insurance for your Toolkit - and we'll ship the entire System to you wherever you are in the world. Soon after that, we'll be on the phone with you to get you moving in the right direction.



You have 30 days from the time your System arrives to 'test drive' it everything, and prove that these tools and strategies work for you, in your salon, with your clients.



PLUS...I'm going to give you a
FREE GIFT valued at $187
Just for completing the ONLINE SURVEY!


Complete the online survey below and I'll instantly post you my DVD, "7 'MUST-HAVE' SALON SUCCESS STRATEGIES" m


To Apply for a 30 Day Trial of Inner Circle Membership,
Fill Out This Application Survey Completely

Your information is kept completely confidential, we NEVER share or rent your contact details or private information with other people or companies.


Contact Information

First Name (Required Field) *

Last Name (Required Field) *

Email (Required Field) *

Company (Required Field) *

Street Address (Required Field) *

Suburb (Required Field) *

City (Required Field) *

State (Required Field) *

Zip/Postal Code (Required Field) *

Country (Required Field) *

Mobile / Cell Phone Number *

Business Phone (Required Field) *

Fax, Please fill in if you have one e.g (416) 890 2345 in USA, +61 8 9291 7443 Aus and +44 117 950 2251 UK


Have you marketed your business in the past?

Yes No

How do you feel about the response to your marketing?

How much have you spent on your marketing so far?

What's been the most frustrating thing for you when you have run an ad or distributed a flyer in the mail?

When you read about the results being achieved by members of the Inner Circle, how do you feel?

What difference would it make to you if you could achieve the same kind of results as Inner Circle Members?

How helpful would it be to you if you had access to the successful marketing used by other salons, and simply copy what works for them?

Do you simply want more customers, or do you want your existing clients spending more with you, or both?

If you could increase the per-visit spend of your customers by 50% (many of our Inner Circle members report 100%), what difference would that make for you?

If you needed money in a hurry and knew you could raise it instantly by simply sending a tested and proven letter to your clients, would that be useful?

Yes No

On the Salon floor, how do you feel about the ability of your staff to up-sell other products / services? Poor? Patchy? Brilliant?

As a business owner are you: 'still on the tools', no longer directly involved in servicing clients, or a combination of the two?

What do you want for yourself (a new BMW? A holiday house? To be able to work only a few days a week? - Be as detailed as you can)

Do you believe you are paying yourself what you are worth?

If you are offered the opportunity to Test Drive the entire Inner Circle System for 30 days, would you want to grab the opportunity with both hands?

Yes No

What type of Salon are you?

What is the best day to get you on the phone? (We receive up to 100 Inner Circle membership applications every month. No new member can be accepted without discussing your needs in person on the phone.) *

When's the best time to call you? *


Okay, now just hit the 'submit' button and we'll receive your survey electronically. Give us a few days to assess your survey. We will PHONE you to discuss. This is absolutely NOT a pressure-laden sales call, it's purely to discuss your goals to ensure that the Inner Circle system is right for you AND that you are right for us. We only take on passionate salon owners who are dedicated to success.


If accepted, all you'll have to do then is pay $97 USD anywhere in the world and your complete system will be shipped to you by International Couriers DHL.


Dedicated to your salon success,



CEO Worldwide Salon Marketing Pty Ltd

106A Cambridge St, Leederville WA 6007
Phone +61-8-93816621
Fax +61-8-93889630

Find out exactly how they're doing it, all over the world

...and how you can get the exact, proven, client-pulling ADS, MAILBOX FLYERS AND CLIENT LETTERS -

already written for you in hard copy AND on CD, automated sales systems, training manuals, gift vouchers, referral systems, automated in-salon sales flyers and posters, answering machine messages, CD tutorials - that these salon & spa owners are using...if you qualify.




Here's what other Inner Circle Members are saying:

Wesley Savage of Savage Hair in Hilton, WA, Australia:

Lovynia Worrall of Elev8 Hair in Bunbury, WA, Australia:

Emma Prestidge of Essence Hair in NSW, Australia:

Deb Osborne of Elysium in Crowhtorne, Berkshire, UK:

Nicole and Lorraine Taylor of Taylor A Hair Studio in NSW, Australia:

Nariman Dehaiby from Nariman's Paramedical Therapy in NSW, Australia:

Chantal Fallon, from Red Carpet Hair & Beauty in Worcester, UK:

Michelle Weston of Northmead Beauty Therapy in NSW, Australia:

Sean Hayes of Access to Beauty in Coogee, NSW, Australia:

Here’s Clare Cockell, from The Reef, in Maidstone, Kent, UK:



"We have more than made enough to cover the original cost of purchase, we now have consistant weekly turn over and have doubled what we were doing 6 months ago"

Our business has come a long way since opening 2 yrs ago and to be perfectly honest that jump has only occurred since joining WSM. We have more than made enough to cover the original cost of purchase, we now have consistant weekly turn over and have doubled what we were doing 6 months ago.

So in short our success has been due to the guidance of WSM in the marketing areas in which we didn't know how to implement effectively. It also allows us to draw ideas from other members and allows us to market the correct way ourselves.

Our salon is still yet to implement many many more marketing strategies but the ones we have done so far have "BOOMED".

Look forward to contuing on as a loyal WSM member.

Marion Bellinger, Roobells Beauty, Caboolture, QLD Australia



"85 Bookings in 2 Days, 51% Increase in Turnover"

"I had a look at our figures... our turnover has gone up by 24%/month for Oct'06 - Feb'07, with February being our best month with a 51% increase in turnover (these figures are compared to the corresponding months the year before).

In Feb '07 we did a 'Body Machine' promotion in our local free newspaper, we had 7 new clients spending $2793.00?this has all been achieved with us not doing much marketing for Dec?06 and Jan?07.

In mid February Ange & I made up our marketing plan for the year. March is the first month of putting it into practice, we have marketing going to our clients from 7 angles. Newspaper, Newsletter, SMS, Web Site, Letter Box Drop, Answering Machine and In Salon Promotion.

Results after 2 days - 85 bookings.

And we still have on a waiting list 55 more clients - @ $139 each average that's $8,091 worth of work that we are trying to fit in.

Andrew and Angeline Griggs, Nails and Beauty with Attitude, Cairns, QLD Australia



"I thoroughly recommend the Inner Circle System to anyone seriously thinking about growing their business."

"I purchased the Inner Circle sales and marketing System a couple of years ago. It has made an enormous difference to my self confidence in my marketing. It gives me a chance to test and measure everything that I now do.

It has just made a very difficult job much more simple, and it gives me time to get on with the other things that the business needs. I thoroughly recommend the Inner Circle System to anyone seriously thinking about growing their business."

Lynette Farrely, Secret Sanctum, Varsity Lakes, VIC Australia



"Working by myself I've more than doubled my sales in 8 weeks, thankyou!"

"Hi Greg, I just wanted to let you know that I have had such a great week...my best ever! I've sold $346 worth of products which is about $300 more than I usually sell...and I only have 1 brand of fairly basic skincare!

I now need to get in a ton of other products to sell as well.

Also, my total takings for this week were just over $1300 for 5 days - which is a massive improvement on what I used to do just 2 months ago! It feels pretty unreal, but my little salon is just buzzing with energy.. my clients have even commented that the air feels different...more alive!

I just want to say that I feel honoured & privileged to have the opportunity to work with you. My lifeis already changing like you wouldn't believe! So again, thank you for sharing your knowledge. I'm going to do everything that you tell me to do. I REALLY want to have the lifestyle & freedom for myself & my 7 yr old daughter - I know that your system is going to get me there!

Donna Beck, Aquarius Salon of Beauty, Bay of Plenty New Zealand

Donna Beck, Aquarius Salon of Beauty, Bay of Plenty, New Zealand



"I ran one ad for $700 and got a $10,000 + return!"

"Hi Greg, This ad ran in our local Denton Connection magazine for the month of August. It gets delivered to over 56,000 homes and businesses once a month.

Our ad cost was $700. The Fresh Start Facial was the best sell. This ad has so far grossed over $10,500 as of September 15. I am running it again in the October issue.

I packaged the $149 Fresh Start facial into 5 more treatments for $125 each, coming in every 2 weeks. Clients had to pay up front to get all 5 at the special price, (with occasional creative financing --- we ladies are so good at that.) I have not included the dollars worth of product sold, but that has to be in the thousands.

The Whatsit Body Wrap followed second with more sessions being packaged at $135 each w/up front payment.

I remain your loyal fan in beautiful downtown Denton TX! GO COWBOYS!!"

Judy Estes-Smith, Healing Hands Day Spa, Denton, TX, United States



"In my 11 years of hairdressing I have NEVER seen that kind of response"

"Hi Greg,

Just thought Id let you know that we are 200% sold on the Inner Circle Toolkit!

We opened our salon from scratch today with no existing clientele. We ran a flyer, dropped in letterboxes in the area over the weekend, and we started getting calls overnight!

We had 15 bookings of the package today alone! I have never, in my 11 years of hairdressing, seen that kind of response so quickly. We also dropped some flyers off at our local bank (whom we bank with), and we had two bookings from them only 5 mins or so after my staff member got back into the salon!

Very impressed!"

Rebecca Skehan, Gaia Hair,Algester, QLD Australia



"An EXTRA $3100 just on Friday!"

"My name is Wendy Haverlack. I own Changes Salon, Inc. in Chagrin Falls, OH, USA.

Our salon is a five chair, two manicure tables, and one pedicure spa, 700 square foot salon. I have been an Inner Circle member for one month. I have been following the web site for just under a year. I wanted to take advantage of the "Black Friday" craze, so I made up this sign on Microsoft Publisher. We turned it into a postcard and sent it to our top 200 clients. We also made it into an 8X10 sign and posted it around the salon and on the counter. We sold a couple of gift cards early, the day before, and a couple the following day. Most people bought these for themselves!! I was going to make vouchers for the free amounts and only make them usable in January and February, but we decided to just give them with their purchase to be used any time. The results: We sold over $2500 in gift cards and around $600 in retail products. I will definitely do this again next year, but I will make it a longer time period. Maybe Friday and Saturday. Clients loved it. Thanks for the hints! They really helped!!"

Wendy Haverlack, Changes Salon,,Chagrin Falls, OH United States



"I did what you said and made an extra $10,000 in two weeks!"

"Hi Greg, just wanted to write and say thank you. At the Sydney conference I went up to you and asked if I need to make $10,000 in the next 2 weeks how do I do it and you instantly said memberships.

Well it took me a week and a half to send them out and tweak it to suit my business and sent the letter to only to 330 clients, and by the end of the week we had made $10,000. It's only been 3 and a half weeks since I got your strategies and the business has paid all its outstanding creditors, we can now start from a clean slate which is such a relief.

Plus, in the last 4 weeks we have EASILY doubled our retail sales thanks to your in-salon sales strategies! Can't thank you guys enough."

Sandy Mott, Lunatic Fringe,Clayfield, QLD Australias



"...The best year we have ever had..."

"Our facial courses are just walking out the door. It is the best year we have ever had and the System is definitely one of the main reasons clients have been reacting to our ads. Thanks so much!"

Marilyn Klein, Boudoir Tokyo,Japan



"...more than $10,000 in sales from two small promotions..."

"I am so glad I joined - I sent a letter from the System to 179 clients, took 24 bookings at $110 plus 9 of them brought friends @ $55 each. (Plus one of those friends bought $900 worth of treatments and products) Then I sent letter #2 from the series and made another FIVE sales at $110. Total sales of $4,585 from just TWO letters to a few clients! Then I did a Toolkit-style promotion prior to opening my new salon-made $5,822 in direct sales of a single flyer in the local area fantastic!"

Brigitte Benge, Me Skin & Body,South Yarra, VIC Australia



"It's brilliantly simple - our marketing response is 7 times better than we've ever had before!"

"My salon has been open for 3 years, but before I became an Inner Circle member our marketing campaigns were usually costly and ineffective.

The main benefit of being an Inner Circle member is that I now think with a marketing brain. And if my brain doesn't work I just copy what's been PROVEN to work! It's brilliantly simple!

In terms of my most successful marketing strategy, my last minute deals that I send out via email to my database are working well. Before I knew how to write a killer ad my response was minimal. The day after I received our kit and tried again our response was 7 times better than we'd ever had before.....and that was only the beginning :)"

Rachael D'Aguiar, D'Aguiar:hair.skin.nailsNew Zealand